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Project propose offers a unique proposal planning service. We specialise in creating custom proposals, personalised proposal plans and proposal boxes that are unique to you and yours. 

Are you planning on proposing soon?

We help to make this process stress free for you, we have collaborated with our team of qualified vendors to ensure you have a memorable proposal.

Our Proposal  Services


  • Personalized Proposal Ideas Creation
  • Proposal Gift Curation
  • Proposal day Coordination 
  • All-inclusive Proposal Packages
  • Proposal Planning & Execution 

 Thank You for Saying “YES” Gift-Box

The PERFECT giftbox for your bride-to-be. Keep the excitement going after you have gotten your “YES’ with an exclusive thoughtful giftbox .  Each gift box is carefully assembled and customized down to the cover. Contact us and place the order at once.

Propose like a PRO.

Wherever you are on your proposal journey, my self-help guide on everything you need to know about proposing will meet you right where you are and leave you highly informed with an extra boost of confidence that you might need to going into your proposal day. This book is treasured gold for anyone planning on popping the big question.

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