About Cicyogie

Cicyogie is firmly founded on Quality, Style, Innovation, and Integrity

What We Do

Cicy-ogie Jewelry is an international jewelry brand that specializes in the sale of professionally-sourced rough, polished and set semi-precious stones. We deal in tastefully-crafted African inspired accessories. The compress is founded by Jessica Ogieva who hails from the artistic city of Benin. The city is home to inventive and expressive entrepreneurs . It is our mission to utilize Africa’s abundant resources to provide innovative jewelry designs that empower women and advances our African heritage.

Cicy Ogie is firmly founded on Quality, Style, Innovation, and Integrity. We welcome you to enjoy our first-rate services today.

Our Vision

As jewelers we strive to exceed the limits of excellence,create objects of the highest quality and invent new approaches to beauty. The objects we craft are designed to last. Our customers honor us with their trust so we continue to give our best through work behavior and commitment to endeavor we deserve this trust each day.

Exclusive Services

We offer the following top class services.

Jewelry Repair

Restoring your jewelry to it’s glory days

Jewelry Remodeling

Transforming jewelries to suite unique occasions and needs.

Jewelry Design

We Create Jaw-dropping Jewelries of top class quality.

Our Mission

To celebrate women by offering them the opportunity for personal expression through our world of high-quality and contemporary jewelry at affordable prices.



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