If you made it here, you’re probably planning on proposing soon. Where are you on your proposal journey so far so good?
This fool-proof checklist will help you know if you’re all checked out or serve as a reminder for the things you’re yet to get done.

1) Get the parents blessing: This might seem traditional at first but that extra boost of confidence it gives you going into the proposal makes it worthwhile.

2) Secure the engagement ring: This is a big step, find the perfect engagement ring and when you do, get it insured to avoid stories that touch. Don’t forget to stash it away where it can’t be easily found by her.

3) Find a good location: Choose a place that speaks to your relationship and your girl’s personality, because these are the things that made you fall in love in the first place, right?

4) Make a plan: Have a plan of exactly how that day is going to pan out and how the moment is going to go with the support of your friends, family or a professional. Don’t forget to include how you plan on getting her to the proposal location without giving away the surprise.

5) Practice your speech: It’s good to have your talking points written down so that you know exactly what you want to say.
Keep it simple & sweet.

6) Have a song: Something special to you both that you probably want to play at the background.

7) Have a Photographer: This is useful to help capture the moment or set up a camera before you propose if you don’t want anyone there.

8) Get her flowers: A romantic gesture… a must-have in our books.

9) Celebrate: Plan for after you’ve gotten your big ‘YES ‘(cue in music… celebration by Fireboy). Time to pop a bubbly, have a celebratory dinner or give celebratory gifts. This helps to keep the excitement going for the day.

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