Even more important than the right combination of balloon colors and its contrast with the chosen color for the accompanying flowers is the location of the proposal. Location is everything and yes indeed there are some people that would rather not follow the norm but instead take a realistic unchartered path to celebrate the love of their life. Proposals held in places like these make some of the best proposals.

Let me indulge you in some unique ways and places in Nigeria that you can do this and still have a memorable proposal.


This has a major wow effect, it’s the modern way to sweep someone off their feet, hence it’s not really an unusual way to propose the only reason why it’s on this list is the unusual amount it cost to achieve it.

You can surprise her with a helicopter ride and have it set-up for a proposal. You can propose while she’s up in the air or fly to an already planned location to pop the question. Getting engaged on a helicopter ride is an experience your partner will never forget in addition it doubles for a fabulous proposal story. 


There’s something alluring and captivating about a waterfall. Why not use this mysterious awe-inspiring power to propose to the love of your life. There are a couple of waterfalls in the country that would be a perfect fit for this sort of event. Make sure to choose one close to you. They usually don’t require any additional decor except maybe a personalized touch to it.


Mountain top proposals are amazing for adventurous couples that like hiking. You can find one that is closest to you. This is not a casual walk-about so it needs to be strategized well and planned to the last detail. Some pointers I’d give are that when choosing the mountain top to make use of, it should be a mountain trail that you have hiked before or that has some sort of relevance to your relationship. You don’t want to choose anything too strenuous that’ll have her trembling from exhaustion. Also it would be thoughtful to have the view from the top overlook something specific significant to her. Also make sure to have the walk back in mind, include a bubbly to celebrate after she says yes and some small chops to snack on. If for nothing at all you’ll need it for your walk back.


If your partner is a lover of exquisite art pieces and loves visiting art galleries and museums for date nights or you’re a culture-loving couple with a taste for art and history then a beautiful art gallery proposal is right up your alley. You will find plenty of quiet corners for a romantic proposal in your favorite museum or gallery. OR you can take it up a notch and feature a couple of personalized art pieces of your own included in the gallery for the proposal. We have a handful of some gorgeous art gallery & museums with beautiful art pieces displayed all over the country. You could explore them and find the one that fits best to the concept you want to create.


Some of the most famous and recognizable locations around the world tops the list of most popular proposal spots. The one that comes readily to mind is the Eiffel Tower in the city of love, Paris. But you can save yourself a plane ticket because the beauty in some of Nigeria’s landmarks got your back. I’ll admit landmark proposal styles are not as popular around this part of the world due to a couple of reasons. In my humble opinion for three reasons some don’t know how to go about it and have it included properly in the proposal, some think it would be a terrible idea just because it isn’t popular yet, some others just look down on the beauty surrounding or are simply unaware of them…(so much for their popularity). Having a popular landmark in view of your proposal pictures can make for a very beautiful shot and memorable proposal.


Saxophonist/violinist at the background, the ocean at your feet, fireworks in the sky and the love of your life in hand. Boat cruise proposals specially designed for romance in mind are one of the most memorable ways to pop the question. Debola Lagos knew this too well and that’s why he opted to use this proposal style to propose to he’s love Kehinde Williams. Sail past iconic buildings, stop the boat and propose or let the boat gently cruise as you propose under the starry night your choice! 

If you were able to ask the love of your life for their hand in marriage which of these options will you go with?

If you want to create a romantic and personalized proposal like this, hire ProjectPropose as your marriage proposal planner to help you figure out where to propose, how to propose, and proposal planning.  We want this moment to be a defining moment in your life, and we will do everything we can to make it special! Contact us today to get started on making your dream proposal come true.

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