One of the most memorable proposals I have ever viewed was the one by Kornelius Bascombe. He’s proposal in 2016 was so beautiful and well thought out, absolutely loved it! You can view it here.  Lets just say this article has been brewing for over 4 years. Okay lets get right into it. So you have found love and you want to make it stick, great! you’re just in the right place. Figuring how to propose is a major undertaking (hello ring shopping and memorising that speech). We have some pretty amazing suggestions for you make sure your proposal is brag-worthy and ultimately successful.




 Creating a proposal with the intent to go viral shouldn’t be the goal, it becomes very obvious to viewers, it’s clear when the proposer is trying too hard. The focus should be on your fiancee to be, so it has to come from the heart. People want to see something real so avoid outrageous ideas that you think would go viral online but don’t feel authentic.



The sort that would not send you into debt and years of regret in case worse case scenario she says NO. But we are staying positive over here so what we are aiming for is a cohesive, costly but caring proposal. are you hiring a helicopter to fly you over to a rooftop, are you having fireworks at the end of the romantic evening? be sure to know how much you are willing to spend for every singular extravagance and once that cost is budgeted don’t go beyond it, find suitable alternatives instead.


When you know you know, but make sure she knows too and is in sync with you, there are always tells. But you will never fully know unless you ask. So we move…


Get creative and pay attention to the details. Think about your differences and similarities and play it into the proposal. for example if your girlfriend is the type that does not drink alcohol you might want to make the swap of champagne  for a St Regis De-alcoholized chardonay for example. If she likes peonies instead of roses fill up the place with peonies. Include sentimental touches like putting the ring in something that is close to her heart not necessarily the desert being served like a teddy bear or her dogs collar.


Set a destination that fits your personality as a couple, don’t try and fit into other couples narrative. Perhaps where you first met or had your first date or anywhere with a gorgeous view.


Flowers are a huge part of most proposals, be sure to have lots of them alongside strewn petals around the place. Women are delicate precious and beautiful just like flowers. So make sure you have one of her absolute favourite type in hand when getting down on bended knee to give to her afterwards. Roses are a common option but you can take it up a notch by seeking out her favourite type. Here are some majestic options to hand her over lilies, tulips, daises, roses, orchids, sunflower, blue iris, peonies, chrysanthemum etc.


Make it memorable with live music. A live musician for a marriage proposal is like the icing on the cake for an amazing and unforgettable moment in life. It could be a simple singer, guitarist , a string trio  or a violinist. Whether a public or private proposal, the live music enhances the magic of the moment and is a wonderfully timeless and romantic gesture.  You can pick the favourite song of your loved one to make it even more personal – or a special song that is meaningful to your relationship. An appearance my her favourite musician, ( if this is a super famous artist  like Beyonce you might need to swiftly ditch that option and go for a good representation of her favourite song from the artist ).


What is the vibe you are going for? if you are going for a romantic dinner then you can include lots of flowers, candles and strewn petals.


Hire a professional photographer or videographer to capture your proposal. Having great shots to memorialize your magical moment is key to reliving your investments for that day plan with your photographer see if you can walk the location with him/her a day or two before getting on bended knee to know exactly what spot you are proposing, what direction to face and its backdrop.so you can have a perfect unobstructed shot. It takes two to get engaged so you might want to hire two photographers to capture the reactions from both sides to tell the full story. you might want to throw in a drone in the mix of it all. Make sure they prioritise good lighting.







Imagine creating a video of your relationship journey and why you love your partner, or perhaps a Disney replication  about  your love and marriage. If you can’t hire out a cinema, no problem you can create the ultimate secret cinema room with all the romantic trimmings to make it a cosy night whilst the movie magic unfolds.




Paris, Dubai, Santorini, Seychelles, . From the  majestic backdrop of the Eiffel Tower to the twinkling lights  of  the Burj Al Arab in the background or greeks picturestique turquoise waters and white washed domes or being serenaded by the stars at an intimate Arabian nights dinner-for-two in Dubai’s desert dunes. What all these destinations have one thing in commons over the top glamour. Either of these options would be a stunning choice to get on bended knee and ask that four worded question that will change your life forever.





Head for the sky and propose amongst the clouds in a hot air balloon. Pro tip: If you’re going to propose marriage in a hot air balloon, you should actually do it in a hot air balloon and not in the field next to the hot air balloon. Proposing on the ground and then going up is wrong on many levels.






Soar high over the rolling hills over any of the most beautiful cities in the world. And while the sun sets in the distance, you pop the question to your astonished beloved or you can fly over a “Will You Marry Me Banner” and get on bended knee. Then on landing you and your beloved are driven into a luxurious dinner.



Remember the scene from The Wedding Party 2 when he picks up a ring on the floor in the Atlantis the Palm, Dubai and it accidentally turns into a proposal at the beginning? Aha! Aquarium proposals are so heart warming and grand, you get to have your aquatic friends in an enclosed distance as a backdrop  just outside a lovely dinner with your beloved. You can ask the divers at an aquarium to put on a proposal show inside their biggest fish tank. Give them a (waterproof) sign that says, “Will you marry me?” to hold up.




“Why should I hire a proposal planner when I could do it myself?” you ask, the answer is simple. While most people think they can plan a dream proposal on their own, the truth is that 80% of women are disappointed with their proposal story. There are a number of reasons why this happens – men plan the proposal towards what they would want rather than what their partner would want, there are no personal touches and the proposal feels spur of the moment, the proposal is too cliche to brag about, or something goes wrong and throws the entire proposal off course. A proposal planner can foresee all of these issues before they happen so that all there is to do on the day of the proposal is show up, get down on one knee, and soak in every perfect moment of her saying “YES!”

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