To propose on a budget we will consider the three things you need to propose,

  • Your lady
  • A ring
  • A venue

Proposals do not always need to be over the top expensive affairs. You want to make sure your proposal is very unique to your relationship. Make sure you hire a photographer when you propose—it’s one of the more important parts of planning your proposal. So I have put together some budget friendly ideas on how to propose to the love of your life.

Your lady.

Ask for her parents permission if you’re traditional. Depending on the culture this might be a crucial step. A face to face meeting will leave a good impression and be sure to look nice.

If your girlfriend is picky or you have no idea what she would want, her input will be crucial. Make sure to get this information very casually and months before the proposal. If you think you have good taste, the element of surprise can add to the excitement of the proposal.

Proposal venue ideas.

The place where you had your first date

Recreating it – or most of it – might be the easiest thing you’ve ever done. It just might also be the most romantic.

The spot where you first realised you loved her

If the place in question was in a fancy quiet place then go for it. You might want to consider another option if the realisation came to you as you were crossing the street.

Where you saw her for the first time

Proposing on a hike

What better place to propose than at the end of a hike, chances are, the view at the top will be breathtaking.

Proposing at the beach at sunset

Letters on cupcakes

Ask your local bakery to make you a set of small cupcakes which each would  have a letter from “Will you marry me?”. Your proposal will never be the literal frosting on the cake. This same type of proposal can work with many other types of foods as well.

The proposal written in sand at the beach

In letters 10ft tall plan to walk up to somewhere which overlooks your chosen beach, where you or friends have written the words “Marry Me”. Let her reach the viewpoint a few steps ahead of you and, when she sees the message and turns around, there you are with the ring.

Picnic getaway

During a romantic picnic (be sure to pack some champagne in the hamper you will need it).

Flowers trail

Trail flowers from where you meet indoor or outdoor  to where you want to propose.

Use a drone

Attach the ring to the bottom beforehand and let the flying drone do all the work for you. When it comes to special deliveries, there are only a few more special than this. Just make sure that you practice using the drone in advance and also make sure that it has a full battery. If the drone crashes or dies in the middle it may ruin the effectiveness of this proposal…

The Ring


Gold and platinum are very pricey metals. Sterling silver is much cheaper and looks virtually identical to platinum, but if your partner prefers yellow or rose gold, consider plated silver.


Go for a gemstone instead of a diamond, they are not as common in engagement rings and are reasonably cheaper.

Pick a prong.

Less metal means a lower cost, so opt for a more minimal prong setting (which secures the stone like a tripod above the band) over a bezel one (a metal ring that encircles the sides of the gemstone to hold it in place). Since more of the stone is visible, a prong setting is a great way to highlight the center stone, as well as make cleaning the ring a lot easier. Just make sure to go with platinum for the prongs (even if the rest of the ring is gold or some other metal), since it’s much stronger and will hold the stone firmly in place. Explore our stunning gemstone prong set engagement rings.

Find the sweet spot.

The naked eye can’t tell the difference between perfect and near perfect, so even though you pay extra for perfection, you can’t see it, it’s like paying someone to paint the bottom of your house. For an excellent value, choose a near colorless, “eye clean” gemstone. Choose colorless topaz if your going for a colorless gemstone. it will look perfect to the unaided eye while you get to save considerably.

Make it a set
Sometimes you can score a deal if you buy the engagement ring and the wedding band at the same time. You might even be able to get his wedding band as well for—you guessed it—even more savings. Explore our Niyola bridal set collection .

Final thoughts

Phew that’s s a lot if ideas. Keep in mind it doesn’t really matter how you pop the question or which of the marriage proposal ideas you end up using! In the end, all the at counts is that you’re together.

The proposal is very memorable. You should put sufficient time and thought into making it perfect. But don’t forget what really matters… Each other.

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